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"In addition to the interest of contributing to the solution of problems of Arctic science, the contacts made during the preparation and fulfilment of such expeditions must tend towards friendship between nations and to a wider appreciation of the capabilities of one's fellows.

For this reason alone, exploration is well worth while."

Brian Roberts

1932 Expedition Leader

Scott Polar Research Institute

January 29th, 1934

Oliver Vince
Expedition Leader

Ambitions for the expedition: To return to the sites of the 1932 expedition and rediscover historical artefacts. In addition, to produce a feature-length documentary about the expedition that will aim to convey any scientific discoveries to wider audiences.


Previous experience:


  • Experience leading expeditions across Alps and UK, in addition to experience on expeditions in the Malaysian Rainforest and High Atlas mountains

  • Climbing and mountaineering experience in the UK and Alps at 4000m+ up to PD+

  • Experienced alpine and backcountry skier (including racing at university level), currently an aspirant member of the Alpine Ski Club

  • Filmographer specialized in aerial/ adventure photography (

  • PhD student in Engineering at the University of Oxford, in addition to undergraduate degree in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford

John-Henry Charles
Technical Lead

Ambitions for the Expedition: To use high resolution 3D mapping of glaciers to analyse the effect of climate change. To increase his experience in polar environments to provide a stepping stone for the poles in the future.

Previous Experience:

  • Two previous Arctic summer expeditions (Svalbard, Canadian High Arctic)

  • Climber and mountaineer with experience across Europe, Middle East and North Africa. This includes Alpine routes such as the Haute Route, and a traverse of the High Atlas

  • Multiple years of UK climbing experience, leading up to E1 Trad and IV Scottish Winter

  • Experienced long-distance cyclist, crossed in total 10,000km from Nordkapp to Istanbul

  • Experienced nordic skier, preparing to cross Hardangervidda in March

  • Undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford

Glen Gowers
Expedition Scientist

Ambitions for the expedition: To gain experience in challenging polar environments with the aim for future ice-cap ski expeditions and trans-ocean sailing expeditions. Additionally to execute a scientific programme inspired by the 1932 expedition to identify microbial consortia present at their basecamp.

Previous experience:

  • Expedition experience in the Alps, UK and Tanzania (inc. Mt Meru)

  • Experience in offshore sailing expeditions (eg. Fastnet, West Ireland, West Coast France), and skipper experience on multi-day journeys across UK, France and Greece

  • Third year PhD student in biotechnology at Imperial College London, Undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Oxford

Sam Cornish
Logistics Support

Sam is providing the expedition with logistical support focussed around delivering the team to the snow-line at Jöklasel. In addition Sam is assisting the team with rephotography of the 1932 expedition's stay in Hofn.

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